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By September 3, 2015 Life


A year ago, if you’d told me I’d be mothering a dog, I would have called you crazy. The people around me would have surely questioned your sanity.

But from the moment I held this little one in my hand at a shady, underground, medicine-scented vet’s clinic—I knew I’d fallen. Freddie is now our very new, very familiar family member. And here’s a little update on what the lil munchkin has been up to.

IMG_5100 copy


For the first few days, we only stared at him sleeping, curled up either in my lap or under his blanket. Then he puked and our entire house got prepared to battle a very unfamiliar sickness.

Now, he chews up shoes, wants to play at odd hours of the day and loves to wake people up in the middle of the night. He doesn’t like hugs and cuddles, but will crawl up to my ear silently while I’m working and give a lick-of-approval. Fetch and hide-and-seek are his favourite games. He’ll find his toys from the most obscure of places and throw them at your feet…ready to play.




Freddie loves water. He’ll create a little pool around his water bowl and sleep in it. Adorable doesn’t even cover the way he eats water. If you want to see him at his goofiest, turn on the pipe and wait.

He’s got the puppy dog eyes down pat and one look will melt even the most strictest of mummies (namely: me). When he’s teething, he snaps. This, is what I imagine the teenage phase of any child is—difficult and exhausting. But the look on his face when you come home or the way he satisfyingly tucks next to you with his chew bone is enough to get us through the day.



As he hovers around our feet right now, 6 months and growing, we try to imagine a time when we didn’t have this fur-ball in our life.

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The Indian Sky and My First Exhibition

By February 19, 2015 Life, The Indian Sky

A few months ago, amidst a lot of changes and city moves, I decided to take the plunge and set up an online store selling my handmade wares. Countless hours spent stuck to the computer and even more running around finding the perfect (and patient!) vendor have finally led to something great and wonderful. Along with an annoying addiction to coffee and fizzy drinks. Damn you caffeine!

Now, one month in and it’s as crazy as ever. I’ve got so much love and appreciation that everything now seems overwhelming and surreal. Someone please pinch me awake.TheIndian Sky is now live. My little shop combines the love of design, illustration, and typography to create colourful prints and paper goods. Here, you will find a melange of whistle-worthy art prints, calendars, cards and home goods.

To kick things off its and get the word out, I recently set up my first stall at Delhi’s I Haat Delhi exhibition. Oh what a whirlwind! A week to prep everything and get all the products ready and two days of showtime—the festival was crazy in all senses. On the 14th and 15th of Feb, my lovely family and I, made our way to Garden of Five Senses to set up my first shop-of-sorts. Lots of friendly fellow sellers, intense music, and great customers later we managed to have a brilliant time!

Here’s hoping you guys can stop by on my next exhibition!

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Loving A New City #03

By October 22, 2014 Life


You know that feeling of ache in your throat right before a breakdown? The feeling of homesickness creeping up silently as you get ready for bed in your new flat. That’s practically how I spent my first week in my new existence. My plan? To avoid having any free time at first.

I took a weird amount of time and fascination planning my days so that I’d be super busy till the wee hours of the morning. I ate breakfast and lunch in college and sometimes dinner too. Sometimes I’d spend an ungodly amount of time fixating on college projects and sometimes I’d just walk around the neighborhood, getting familiar with the roads. I knew if i went home on time, I’d retreat to my bed and binge watch hours and hours of shows. That might work for a lot of people, but for me, it just made me miss home more. So till I was absolutely sure I could trust myself to be alone, I spent every waking moment occupying myself in whatever activity I could throw myself in.

Visit local shops, drink coffee, check your phone, bring a book, carry a backpack and a camera, sit on park benches, buy new shoes, buy your groceries and then you can go sit on your couch.

New city survival tips: Here

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Loving A New City #02

By July 22, 2014 Life


Sights, sounds, smells, and taste—everything feels different to the touch in a new city. The language might stop you in your tracks and the sincerity of people amaze you. Moving to a new city is all about adapting, about cracking that language barrier even if you sound like an alien, and about believing that this will be your home for the foreseeable future.

When i first moved to Mumbai, starry eyed, things were drastically different. The sounds were louder than what i was used to, the food laden with spice, and the city did not believe in the idea of sleeping at night. I loved it all! The local trains were a city in itself, housing a different language and a different subculture. Two days, and I was walking and talking (sometimes cussing!) like someone who’d been hopping off fast trains her whole life. I pretended. I stood in line and pretended like i knew what i was doing. And slowly i did actually know.

I memorized all the routes, going over each passing visual in my head. I’d walk the usual routes, chat up grocery store owners and on the way discover small quaint places that could be my regular hangouts. It might not be much, but the best way to know a city, is to know the everyday life. Wake up when the city wakes up, eat what the city eats, hang out at the regular jaunts, and fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning just when everyone back home is waking up. 

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My Mondays

By July 21, 2014 Life
She never looked back. Her feet hit the gravel hard, the sound resonating in her ears like an affirmation. Her legs were tired and her body ready to collapse, but that made her push forward all the more. A few more steps and she would be just a few more steps away.

Happy Monday!

Image Source : Free People

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