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Burn The Winters Away

By January 9, 2015 Home

I am comfortably tucked in bed, while a candle patiently burns away. Those who know me, (and now my family) know that we are candle hoarders. Somewhere someplace in the house will be a box filled with scents of varying kinds. We tend to love our musty cinnamon smells the most and have, by virtue of experience, realised that not everyone takes a fancy to such strong smells. I have been asked on various occasions if I am brewing something fishy in my room. Oh well.

Here is a small and simple roundup of some candles I have loved throughout the season. International brands and Indian brands.

01. Bath and Body Works’ Merry Cookie

If you want your house smelling like you’ve been baking a cake-a-day, this is it. The smell is sweet, strong and very feminine. If this was edible, I’d eat it up in a heartbeat.

02. Yankee Candle’s Harvest

Corn husks being slowly roasted. Or a bake cooking away in your grandmum’s oven. That’s what this smells like. Musty yet pleasant, the candle has an extremely strong scent.

03. Fragrance People’s Midnight Jasmine

Subtle hints of jasmine flowers. What more can you ask from a candle. When I’m not in the mood for spicy or sweet scents, this is what I turn to. Very calming and extremely pleasant.

04. Pure Home + Living’s Apple Cinnamon candles

Yes, yes. I see what you thought there. Everything smells edible? Oh yes my friend!
This smells insane. Granted it smells stronger unburned, but the subtle smell of spicy apples is enough on its own.


Yankee Candle Hazelnut Coffee

The Fragrance People’s Lemongrass

What candles are you burning these days? Have you tried any of these?

Till next time!

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Christmas haul! | Blogmas

By December 18, 2013 Home, Life
The winter smells, the brewing tea, the cosy shawls and warm hugs. There are a lot of things to love about this season. I got my hands on many such things and decided to do a mini christmas haul!

Here are some things i am loving at the moment.


What signals the onset of christmas better than sipping hot chocolate in that ever famous red cup. I’m not an ardent fan of Starbucks though (my initial experiences unsatisfactory) but reading about this festive cup on other blogs, made me crave to get my hands on one! 

Walking around the mall one day, my nose decided to sniff this shop from way over there! (makes hand gestures to illustrate the distance between my nose and the shop). Rosemoore, is a fragrance shop all the way from UK. The scents are beautiful, perfect for keeping as well as gifting. We tested out the Vanilla, Lavender and Egyptian Cotton fragrances. Clearly my favourite ended up being the Egyptian cotton considering the bottle is hallway empty already!

This sweater is on this list for no other reason than the fact that i absolutely love it and managed to score it in the cheapest price possible! 300 Rs. for this beauty and I’m addicted. I try and wear it everywhere and with everything.


This lipstick was the most random buy of my life ever. I don’t wear lipsticks, so this review comes more from my sister’s brain than mine. It’s a lovely colour and when i do wear it, i like that it’s more nude than solid. Random best buy!


These are my favourite!!!! Hence the excess of exclamations. I’ve converted my sister and she too now prances around in a pair. The red is super festive and they are the perfect combination of fleecy and warm. I might just go ahead and buy a couple more. Only a few…

Hope you liked what i like this season. Here is a buyers guide for those interested to know what and where i got these things from…

  • Vanilla, Lavender and Egyptian Cotton fragrances : Rosemoore, Select Citywalk, New Delhi
  • Sweater: Janpath, New Delhi
  • Lipstick: Bronze Orange, Maybelline
  • Shoe socks : Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi

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