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By November 11, 2014 Crafts, Uncategorized
If you’re looking for some inspiration in the photo hanging department, then look no further! Here’s a trick to turn your office supplies into chic photo hangers. Cheap and easy? We’re so in.

A blank office space can be extremely daunting and committing to a framed artwork or a single photograph, even more so. Clipboards are a brilliant solution for those (like me!) who tend to fall in love more than once. I have a boxed collection of photographs and artwork that every now and then vie for a space on my (already cluttered) wall. The solution?

Use a clipboard as your photo/artwork hanger and switch whenever you’re bored! That’s it. I was looking for a classic chipboard hanger but found this transparent one instead. I love the minimal vibe this adds to the entire space.

What do you think? How do you hang your photographs or organise your office space?

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Have A Sinister Halloween

By October 31, 2014 Crafts
To celebrate the spirit of all things
scary, black and skull-y, I thought I’d share two quick halloween
ideas. And yes, that is an actual skull with popcorn in it. Pretty
nifty right! (If you get past the whole
this-thing-was-once-covered-with-blood-and-gore concept)
TIP #01.

You need:
  • Empty bottles
  • Orange soda
  • Printer
Ask your local grocer for empty bottles
and clean them out like a champ. Wrap theme apt labels around the
base of the bottle and fill those empty bad boys up with some orange
soda. There you go! You have your very own orange potion drink
thingy. You can experiment with multiple colours and label options.
We went with things like ‘Boo’ and ‘Drink me if you dare’. You could
also label them with names of made-up potions. Like
amazeballingitus…(that sounds like a disease although, so maybe not
that one)
Alternatively you could also wrap
similar labels around individual straws. Sip me if you dare!
TIP #02.

You need:
  • Plastic cups
  • Oreo biscuits
  • Ice cream sticks

Crush a packet of oreo biscuits using a
wooden dowel (stress reliving tips anyone?). Pour the mixture evenly
into small plastic cups. (There are tons of shapes and designs
available in the market these days) Pop in ice cream sticks with the
words RIP written on top and you have your very own edible graveyard! 
So there you go! Have a sinister halloween you guys. And a great weekend. 

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Make It | Spray Painted Jar Candles (part 02)

By June 24, 2014 Crafts
In a previous post, we made beautiful spray painted heart
jars. Here is part two of the tutorial where I turn those same jars into
decadent smelling candles.
You need:
  • Candle wax of your choice
  • Candle wick
  • Mason Jar (Follow the tutorial here)
  • Fragrance Oil 

Before you begin, be sure you have the appropriate type and
size of the wick. If your jar is wide, make sure wick is wide enough in
diameter to burn optimally. And, if its narrow and long, make sure the length
of the wick is sufficient enough. 
  • Measure out the amount of wax needed. For this project, I melted the wax in a make-shift double boiler made from two metal containers—one small and one large. Fill water in the large container. Put the wax in the smaller container and place it in the larger one. Melt the wax on low to medium-low heat. Never leave melting wax unattended!
  • While the wax is melting, secure your wick to the bottom of your mason jar. Dip the end in the melting wax and adhere to the centre of your jar. Hold that in place with two pencils.

  • When the wax is fully melted, carefully pour the same into
    your jars while keeping the wick steady. Add a few drops of the desired
    fragrance oil.
  • Allow the candle to cool overnight before you displace it.
  • And voila! You have a lovely scented jar candle. 

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Make It | Spray Painted Jar Candles (part 01)

By June 4, 2014 Crafts

I think I might just get addicted to spray paint. Not the inhaling kind, but the I’ll-spray-everything-within-my-reach kind. To be honest, this is my sister’s tutorial mostly. She came up with the idea to spray paint the jars and I helped her add candles to it.

This is a great idea to decorate those empty tables without breaking your bank. And these jars also make great gifts for family and friends. You can use any jars you might have lying around at home, any spray paint colour you fancy and chose if you want to add candles to the jars or just leave it empty—this DIY can turn into anything you wish!

You need:

  • Empty jars
  • Gold spray paint
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Heart cut-outs

(My tape wasn’t big enough to cover the jar so I cut out a heart shape from paper, taped it to the inside of the jar and then used tape to follow the heart shape on the outside)

– Clean the jars completely and make sure there is no left-over residue or water in them.

– Tape the heart cut-out to the inside of the jar, where you would want the design to appear.

– Use small bits of tape and follow the same shape on the outside of the jar. Be patient here and carefully layer the tape. If you have a bigger tape on you, you could just cut the entire shape out from that and skip the whole layering bit.

– Lay out newspapers in the area where you would be spray painting the jars. Make sure there is ample space and ample air around you.

– Spray paint your glassware.

– Wait till the paint completely dries and add another coat.

– Leave the jars for a couple of hours and after making sure that the paint is fully dried, remove the strips of tape.

TIP: If you find that small dots of paint have escaped onto the taped area, use a bit of nail polish remover on a cotton and wipe those off.

And there you have it! Spray painted jars with cute heart cut-outs.You could add tea-lights to them, add flowers or use them to hold knick-knacks—anything and everything works. We added candles to the jars, a DIY that will soon follow this one. So stay tuned for a candle making tutorial using the same jars.

I would love to see pictures if you guys end up making these.

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Make It | Jewellery Holder

By April 14, 2014 Crafts

For all those who know me and my sister, know that we are insanely in love with jewellery. Over the years our little jewellery table has been through hundreds of attempts at organisation and clearance. None have been quite successful so far. It still remains a mysterious treasure chest that houses pieces I didn’t even know I had! I have seen these jewellery stands float about on Pinterest and I began scouring my mother’s cupboard in hopes that I will land myself with a set of beautiful plates. And I did! Though not exactly what I wanted, I figured these would do! I got the pipe from a local hardware store and had him cut it for me as well. It was a spare they had no use for and thus I was charged almost nothing!

1. Plates
2. Pipe
3. Paint Brush
4. White Paint
5. Fevi Kwick
6. Tissue wrapping paper
7. Glue


  • I started by giving my plates and pipe two coats of white paint. Make sure you have a newspaper on your working surface to avoid any unwanted spills. 
  • The pipes I used were cut exactly to fit in between the plates. I wish i had gotten them shorter but these worked too. Measure the distance you would want between your plates and get the pipe cut accordingly. 
  • Once the paint was dry, I decided to decoupage the plates using a bit of tissue wrapping paper i had on hand. 


  • I mixed two parts glue to one parts water in a shallow dish. The water to glue ratio largely depended on the kind of glue I was using. I tried and tested till i got the perfect mix. 
  • Cut out the design you want to use on the plate. Apply a little bit of the glue mixture to the plate, place the design and apply a layer of the mixture again on top of it. Seal it well. Apply a second layer once dry. 
  • Do this for all your plates 

(NOTE: You don’t have to decoupage your plates. I did this only because I didn’t like all white plates and wanted a retro look. I will also be doing a detailed tutorial on decoupaging soon!)

  • Once all your parts are dry, begin assembling them.
  • Apply fevi kwick to one opening of the pipe and fix it to the plate that will be your bottom layer. Hold in place for a while till the glue dries.
  • Apply glue to the top of the pipe and fix the second plate on top. Wait for it to dry.
  • Fix the second pipe on the second layer and then attach the top most layer.
  • Let the entire project dry for atleast a day before you use it
  • And voila! Your very own refurbished jewellery display!

This project sounds more complicated than it really is, trust me! Go give it a try..

Till next time!

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