I am a 23 year old fidgety dreamer. I dream of making new things, of walking barefoot in the sand, of loving people around me and of a good night’s sleep. When I’m not rambling about in my head looking for words, I am found either glued to a computer or to a book. An ideal day for me would include breakfast in snow covered Mussorie, a never ending road trip, and silly experiments concocted with my sister.



I started this blog in the summers of 2013 as a space to ramble on about things I like and to have an outlet for my creative burst. Over the months this space has evolved and become a platform to share things i deeply love and care about. I’ve touched on personal topics that my mind lacked the courage to comprehend. I have grown as a photographer and writer and i hope this blog continues to inspire me to do more. The response from people and the love from readers is overwhelming and I’m excited to share more creative ramblings!


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